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“Leap and the net will find you.” This is Kate Delaney’s message to entrepreneurs and leaders everywhere.

With her inspirational and instructive tone, when Kate speaks it’s like getting wisdom and advice from a good friend. She is the mentor today’s aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders need to remind them just what they can accomplish when they take their destiny into their own hands. Her story is proof that no matter how uncertain your future seems, you can achieve whatever you desire. She reminds you that your future is not set in stone. What you accomplish is up to you. You might not decide the hand you’re dealt, but you do choose how you play your cards. So own your destiny, take action, and step into the life you’ve always wanted.

Glass ceiling shattered! The Kate Delaney I’ve known for over twenty years has a sensational thirst to devour naysayers … tell her she can’t talk sports, tell her she can’t have a general talk show, tell her she can’t be an author and she OWNS IT! Kate’s unique perspective is a showcase for not only women but anyone trying to get ahead in shark-infested waters!

Annie Zidarevich

Vice President, West Coast Operations

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