Deal Your Own Destiny

“You have to believe in yourself on a grand scale, but you also have to have the discipline to learn, to do, to strive.”

Deal Your Own Destiny - Book Cover - Kate Delaney

When award-winning sports journalist, Kate Delaney, was down on her luck and facing the uncertainty of the road ahead, she decided to take the fate of her future into her own hands.

Through instructive and humorous anecdotes from her early career, as well as reflections on the stories of great athletes, Deal Your Own Destiny reveals how Kate went from working at small, local radio stations to hosting two nationally syndicated radio shows. Her story is her testament to readers: You absolutely can take control of your life and you can change the trajectory of your future.

In this quick and impactful read, Delaney walks you through the decisions that were paramount to her success and how you can make bold moves that change the course of your destiny. Filled with valuable lessons including finding the right balance between work and life and dedicating yourself to your path, Deal Your Own Destiny is an essential read for anyone seeking to make life- or career-changing decisions. Start dealing your own destiny today.

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Glass ceiling shattered! The Kate Delaney I’ve known for over twenty years has a sensational thirst to devour naysayers … tell her she can’t talk sports, tell her she can’t have a general talk show, tell her she can’t be an author and she OWNS IT! Kate’s unique perspective is a showcase for not only women but anyone trying to get ahead in shark-infested waters!

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