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Discover Your Wow: Are You Selling Yourself Short?

Well done! You already developing the skills and attributes necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world…

But there is more to learn on your journey. And I’m here to walk you through the next steps!

In sports, just as in business, you can’t just wish for something to happen. There’s no genie who appears and grants you the break you need to make it big. You need the skills and you have to develop them unrelentingly, and you have to be ready for the opportunity when and if it arises.

That discipline is one of the hardest things to maintain. To “deal your own destiny,” you must believe in yourself on a grand scale, but you also need to have the discipline to learn, to do, and to strive. 

But even when people start to believe in you, it’s hard not to feel underestimated. I never knew what those network managers were thinking when they passed on me. Was it because I wasn’t good or because they just didn’t like the idea of women in the sports world? If I could just get in front of them, I thought, I could prove myself.

I had to toughen myself mentally, especially in those early days when I didn’t have many encouragers at all. Over and over I would hear questions like “Why do you deal with this? Why do you put up with people belittling you?” I could have let all those rejection letters discourage me, but I chose not to look at it that way. I was just doing what I loved, having fun and trying to do some clever things on the radio. I didn’t live every day with the thought of “Yeah, I really am an anomaly” in my head. Instead, I felt like the girl who pops out of the cake—no one expects anything when suddenly, “Surprise!” here I am—and I’m fantastic.

Ask yourself the following questions: (I mean, really reflect and be honest here.)

  • Are you surrounding yourself with people who support you or tear you down?
  • How do you deal with discouragers?  
  • How are you building your tribe?
  • Do you have a vision board, favorite quotes, or a wall with a few past successes to look at where you can see it easily and often?

Based on my own story, I already know that you can overcome obstacles and uncertainty, and emerge on the other side stronger than ever. My aim is to inspire anyone looking to shift where they’re heading in life: to dream bigger, aim higher, and step into the fullness of their potentials. If you are an entrepreneur with a dream, get a copy of my book Deal Your Own Destiny today! 

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